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Global Warming And BBC Bias With Richard Black And Ariel Magazine

by | 23rd, November 2009

bbc-bias1CLIVE Davis spots an article by the BBC’s environment correspondent, Richard Black – read it here – in which he talks of the notion that the BBC is biased on climate change reporting.

Ask yourself this: when was the last time you saw a BBC report that questioned the science that says man-made global warming is going to cause untold devastation?

The BBC has two editorial golden rules: global warming is real and whatever happens in Israel must be the lead news story.

As Davis says: “His reflections on the aftermath –  published in the house magazine, Ariel –  don’t seem to be online.


In case you ever want to meet up in the blogosphere, I’m the guy with the target on his back. It’s big, it’s green and it flashes up a message saying “climate sceptics – shoot here”. At least that’s how it has felt over the four-plus years… But it has been a good exercise, and the idea of engaging at such length (while fearsomely bad for my sleep patterns) has been well received on the blog, even by some of those ready to burn the Corporation at the stake. Some colleagues have remarked how unusual it is for the BBC to defend its output against criticism.

I agree. one of the biggest BBC bugbears is how reluctant senior managers are to go out and fight our corner. Newspapers can call us anything they like and write what amounts to complete fiction, but we must never answer back. Why on earth not?

Becaue good reporting is about show no telly. You have no corner. Perhps one of the 35 staff the BBC has sent to cover the climate change hot air exchange in Copenhagen can help.

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