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Child Sex Crime Lawyers Use Provactive Minor To Advertise Their Services

by | 25th, November 2009

HAVE you been accused of being a paedo? Has your name appeared on a child sex websites? Well, if you live in Texas, you need Lindeman, Alvarado & Frye, lawyers specialising in “SOLICITIATION”.


While we at Anorak are prone to the odd typo, we are not advertising our skills in getting you off a child molestation charge, her you might be looking for someone who checks the facts thoroughly.

But this is not the worst of. The law firm, as our picture shows, uses the picture of blonde, pouty-mouthed minor. Is this necessary? Did she trap you? Is this the face of temptation?

Presumably, the law firm also uses pictures for other crimes: a huge bag of diamonds for theft; a pair of knickers for rape; a woman draped over a pick-up truck for grand theft auto; and so on…

Says the firm: “The Devastating Cost of a Conviction or Guilty Plea”

An accusation of child sexual assault, abuse or molestation can be life-altering. Without the help of an experienced defense lawyer, you may face lengthy imprisonment and mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Being accused of something you did not do is horrific. Being accused ot being a child molestor when you’re inncoent must be hell. So why the **** would anyone enter a guilty plea if they weren’t guilty? You’d fight it with all your energy.

There are also the personal costs. Your reputation and standing in the community may never be the same. Your family relationships may be damaged permanently. With this much at stake, can you afford to hire an attorney who is anything less than extremely well—versed in both the legal and personal aspects of these cases?

And who can spell?

At the law firm of Lindeman, Alvarado & Frye, our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys represent clients charged with a full range of sex crimes in which children were the alleged victims, including:

• Child sexual assault
• Child sexual abuse or molestation
• Indecency with a child
• Possession of child pornography (kiddie porn)
• Internet stalking or sexual solicitation of a minor

If you were charged with child sexual assault or another sex crime in Houston or anywhere in southeast Texas, contact Lindeman, Alvarado & Frye today for a free and completely confidential consultation.

And – hey – you might even get to meet the girl in the picture….


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