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Global Warming Activists Shoot Man For His Giant TV

by | 1st, December 2009

tv-warmingBIG TV news now as three men – thought to be global warming activists – break into the New York home of 64-year-old Bentley White with the intent of making off with his 47-inch flatscreen telly.

It’s an LG TV. Mr White was making plant to transport it to his holiday home in Jamaica. The villains had earlier spotted him loading it from a truck.

The villains break in. They shoot White in the stomach. They sever the phone lines. They steal the mobile phones. These guys are pros. They pick up the huge telly and run to their getaway car. an eyewitness takes up the narrative:

“I saw three guys fumbling with a box outside by the lamppost. I saw them fighting over it. The box was on the side of their car and then they just left it.”

The TV would not fit into the car. They need a bigger car. An SUV. But the greens are armed with data. In other big telly news:

Last week, after two years of debate and study, California became the first state to challenge America’s heretofore unquestioned love affair with its TV set. A state panel established the nation’s first energy-consumption limits for TVs up to 58 inches wide. Regulations for larger sets will be phased in later …

Larger sets, or cinema screens as Britishers call them.

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