Anorak News | Tiger Woods: After Rachel Uchitel And Jaimee Grubbs Meet Kalika Moquin

Tiger Woods: After Rachel Uchitel And Jaimee Grubbs Meet Kalika Moquin

by | 2nd, December 2009

tigermistresskalika1TIGER Woods Crash update:  another woman claims to have slept with the golfer. Introducing Kalika Moquin.

Having introduced Elin Nodegren’s Kobe Grip And Rachel Uchitel’s denial, heard from Jamiee Grubbs (Oh, nominative determinism), we now meet another alelged Tiger Woods msiters: Kalila Moquin. Anorak’s Man in LA reports:

ANOTHER day, another woman claims to be Tiger Woods‘ mistress.

This time it’s a young woman by the name of Kalika Moquin.

Kalika’s a Las Vegas nightclub marketing manager who likes low necklines, short dresses and, allegedly, banging billionaire sports figures.

Life & Style magazine is responsible for outing this particular dalliance of Tiger’s, although Kalika would neither confirm nor deny the affair.

A friend of hers, however, tells the tab that Malika polished Tiger’s putter “a bunch of times”. and as recently as October 23rd.

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