Anorak News | Girl Branded Britain’s ‘Laziest Teenager’ Says Tabloid Report Was ‘Rubbish’

Girl Branded Britain’s ‘Laziest Teenager’ Says Tabloid Report Was ‘Rubbish’

by | 3rd, December 2009

shareenHOW journalism works – I Am Britain’s Laziest Teenager: the story of Shereen Johnson, who claims to have responded to an adverts in a magazine and then found herself branded a feckless sponger in the national press:

“Single mum Shereen Johnson saw an advert posted on a website by a magazine asking for people who live on benefits to get in touch.”

And then:

The 19-year-old, who gets around £563 a month in benefits, agreed to take part to get some extra cash to give her 10-month-old son Kenzie a special first Christmas.

“An article then appeared in a national daily newspaper branding her a sponger who brags about coining in thousands of pounds a year in Government money while refusing to get a job.”

As the Daily Star thundered:


Shereen is quoted as saying:

She bragged “I don’t do too badly for money. I honestly believe I’m onto something here. I can’t believe more girls aren’t doing it. If you’re miserable in your current job, perhaps you should take a leaf out of my book, because I couldn’t be happier…

“Some people will label me a slacker and say it’s their tax supporting me, but I’m not bothered.”

Says Shereen now:

“When I saw the article, I started crying. My mum’s neighbour told me and I was just gobsmacked. I’ve been getting abuse over Facebook. Honestly, it’s a load of rubbish. I’m not like that at all. I do want a job. I’ve even started a business plan. I want to open a shop selling baby things. And I’ve been thinking of going back to college to do law.”

Try media law. Take notes. Keep notes. Sign nothing. Sheren can;t be lazy – she’s at least managed to talk to the press twice…

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