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Physiotherapist Tells Patient To Fire A Gun At A Sundial

by | 5th, December 2009

sundialsSTEPHEN Sterling, a physiotherapist in Sunderland, has told a patient recovering from a serious head injury to fire an air pistol at a sundial.

Mr Sterling is given a 12-month caution.

Lawyers representing Mr Sterling say that the “unorthodox treatments” were designed to fit the patient’s former lifestyle as an “adrenaline junkie”.

Melinka Berridge, solicitor for the Health Professions Council, says:

“GB [the patient] had suffered massive head injuries as a result of a road accident. Providing a loaded pistol to a man with these difficulties is an inherently dangerous act.”

This might not be all. Patient GB claims Sterling administered acupuncture on a park bench. When he complained of pain, he alleged Sterling called him a “wuss”.

It as also unproven that Sterling had encouraged GB to throw a ball to his sister’s dog. It is said that Sterling invited GB to demolish a wall.

As we have been told, patient GB had been an “adrenaline junkie”. Says Sterling:

“This is a devastating process. It completely knocks confidence in yourself and your abilities. I realise I stepped over the mark. I deeply regret it.”

The sundial might be in need of repair, but before that we invite anyone seeking urgent therapy for a bad neck to get in touch as the lawns at Old Mr Anorak’s roof-top Paddy fields need mowing…

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