Anorak News | Polar Bear Arrives At Copenhagen Climate Summit, In Pictures

Polar Bear Arrives At Copenhagen Climate Summit, In Pictures

by | 7th, December 2009

ice-polar-bear11POLAR Bear Watch: TO highlight the perils of man-made (what the proof?) global warming campaigners behind the Ice Bear Project have carved a polar bear from a nine-ton block of ice and placed it outside the conference centre where world leaders are meeting for the Copenhagen climate change summit. The ice has been made in a freezer – a clockwork freezer.

Sculptor Mark Coreth says he visited the Baffin Island sea-ice in northern Canada and became inspired:

“The whole Arctic area is under huge threat. I wanted to create a sculpture that clearly showed the problems ahead. Everyone can come and touch it. Everyone will become sculptors, and in doing so they will melt it. That act will be hugely symbolic of the way humanity has the power to affect the balance of nature.”

You’re not killing the planet and melting the ice, you’re being artistic. It’s all about branding – global warming became climate change. Gaia killers became artists. Flying to Banff to look at polar bears in your freezer became a worthy cause…

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