Anorak News | Tories Rejoice At ‘Agent’ Alistair Darling’s Fine Work

Tories Rejoice At ‘Agent’ Alistair Darling’s Fine Work

by | 10th, December 2009

darling-cartoonHURRAH for Tory undercover agent Alistair Darling. Hip-hip toodle-pip. Parp! He’s putting the rate of national insurance up by 0.5%. The Tories are cock-a-hoop.

He’s placed the burden on employees in a failing economy. Hurrah!

Better yet – Darling is going to tax bankers’ bonuses. It’s a one-off tax that will tax any bonus over £25,000. Hurrah! Don’t pay them just loan them the money. Or pay the greedy bankers two years bonuses after the window. Hurrah!

Hey, why not pay the bonuses in a failing currency in the form of a loan. Give the lads and lasses a few million Turkish lira, as one US bank did, and let them exchange the lira for dollars. Commissions and bines all round. Hurrah!

Says the Daily Mirror: “BANK YOU DARLING.”

Yes, thank you, Darling, for allowing the Mirror to finally move on from trying to prop up Gordon Brown and set about criticising the Tory government. Finally, the Mirror might have some real news to report.

Everyone wins!

Image: Matt Buck

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