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Madeleine McCann: Gawping At Kate McCann In Praia Da Luz

by | 13th, December 2009

KATE McCann and Gerry McCann are back in Praia da Luz. This means that they are once more featured on the cover of the Daily Express:


Kate McCann finds solace in return to Praia da Luz

And we are watching the parents. No end in sight of this single-thread narrative that causes the media to obsess. There is just more chance to look at the parents, examine the grief and were the Express not, as it factually states, the “WORLD’S GREATEST NEWSPAPER” we might imagine it was enjoying the experience of looking.

Kate McCann is innocent. No police are arresting her. But still we are invited to stare.

Says Kate McCann:

“Early this morning we went to the lovely little church of Nossa Senhora da Luz. It was so quiet and peaceful – a real sanctuary. Although our pain feels much rawer here, it is comforting at the same time since we feel closer to Madeleine.

“We then walked down to the rocks on the beach with its crashing waves and sense of vastness and freedom – another place where I have always felt able to reach out to Madeleine and find a little solace.”

Well, that’s what she wrote on the Find Madeleine website, a source the Express doesn’t seem able to cite. It’s story is, as ever, delivered in adjectives:

BRAVE” Kate McCann on an “emotional trip“, a “heart-rending” return journey.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express the McCanns’ lawyer Isabel Dwarte said: “She is eager to be in the place where she left everything. She told me it was very important for her to be in the place where Madeleine had disappeared.

An interview with a lawyer?

It was a very important part of her life. Psychologically and emotionally she needs to be there, she has to be in that place again. She wanted privacy, not to make a fuss or a riot but she cried when she was talking about this to me.”

The lawyer talks to the press their client’s tears. Is this relevant to the McCanns’ case against Goncalo Amaral, whom they accuse of libelling them in his book The Truth of The Lie and from whom they seek damages? The lawyer tells the press that Kate McCann wanted privacy. Is this ironic? Is everyone connected to the McCanns also just watching them, like us?

Is anyone looking for the missing child?

Martin Brunt tells Sky News readers:

“But there is the sense here, too, that not everybody in this village would particularly welcome them. The one place they haven’t been to, as far as we know, is the apartment from where their daughter vanished.

“They are here for tonight, and, we think, Sunday. It’s possible they will get a chance to visit that place as well.”

Is it the McCanns who aren’t welcome or the media posse they attract? And we will stare.

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