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Hello!: What Victoria Beckham Wants For Christmas – You’ll Never Guess

by | 15th, December 2009

hello-victoria-beckhamVICTORIA Beckham is talking “exclusively” to Hello! about her Christmas plans. Looking as if she’s got the weight of the world on her elegant shoulders, Vicky is spotted sat before a plate of food – a few slices of pineapple and three grapes.

Not everyone gets the full turkey and all the trimmings. This Christmas spare a thought for Vicky, who will be sparing a thought for the world’s poor and hungry.

Talk turns to food as Vicky as Gordon Ramsay, who along with his wife Tana and children will be joining the Beckham’s for Christmas dinner.

Vicky says Gordon is “always taking the mickey out of my cooking”. Ramsay is famed for his light-heartedness. We can imagine that he mighty take the mickey by posting up a picture of a stick insect with Vicky’s face on, calling her fat or saying that her food is “fu***** **** ****-****”.

It’s lovely Christmas tableau. But ee leave it for Vicky to talks about what she wants for Christmas. Like you we thought she’d say wants world peace, a tattoo or Spain. Vicky wants:

“There’s a new Nick Knight book out that I’m very much hoping for.”

A book…

“I have also been doing a lot of work for Save The Children and there is a brochure out featuring lots of little things you can buy.”

All made by little children, or elves as Santa calls them.

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