Anorak News | Climate Copenhagen: Al Gore Murders With Meat And Bryan Walsh’s Toes

Climate Copenhagen: Al Gore Murders With Meat And Bryan Walsh’s Toes

by | 15th, December 2009

AL GORE is in Copenhagen for the heated deabte. The great warmist, leader of the Al Goreans, is there, which means that it’s…cold:

Bryan Walsh sums it up for Time readers:

The queue snaking outside the convention center was savagely long, stretching as far as one could see, but I figured I’d spend an hour, two at most, out here in the bitter Danish cold.

I nearly froze my toes off …

Meanwhile, others can feel the heat from Al Gore’s dinner:

The effort of Denmark and its allies is to turn all the attention on carbon, especially to the emissions of two developing countries, China and India. Even if both were to stop manufacturing altogether (thus throwing more than six hundred million people back into poverty), the planet would still be getting devastated, because of the methane leaks friom melting permafrost in the Arctic and Siberia, and by the fact that meat is the most important part of the diet in many advanced countries.

Neither Gore’s diet nor his travel, arrangements reveal any real concern for the climate. Rather, they show the direction of another interest: the selling of expensive “green” technologies to the poorer countries, technologies produced by companies whose shareholder lists would be revealing. All too many Climate Warriors are smiling all the way to the bank, as companies they have invested in get the benefit of the measures they propose.

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