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In Pictures: Nursey Paedo Vanessa George And A Media Campaign

by | 16th, December 2009

VANESSA George has been jailed indefinitely at Bristol Crown Court for making and distributing images of young children she had abused. Angela Allen, 39, from Nottingham, and Colin Blanchard, 39, from Rochdale, who sent the pictures to Allen after George sent them to him, is awaiting sentence.

But is it enough for the tabloids? The Sun says the sentence for George is “just seven years”. The Express agrees that it is “just 7 years”. But it’s not just seven years. George is to serve a minimum of seven years in jail. As the Mirror says, George is “facing the rest of her life behind bars”. After seven years, the parole board will determine if George is a threat.

The Mirror prefers to linger on the notion of George leaving jail under an alias. This would cost the taxpayers “hundreds of thousands of pounds”.

All the papers agree that George is a “monster” and wrong not to reveal the names of the children she abused. This is a woman who abused children for kicks. Is anyone shocked that she now does the wrong thing?

The papers want to tap into the story and make it part of a campaign – those things that differentiate one paper from another. So here’s the Mirror:

“We believe prison should rehabilitate as well as punish offenders. But if there is the remotest risk of reoffending by George or Allen, given a minimum five years, they must remain locked up to protect children.”

Did that really need saying?


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A member of the charity group Abused Babies and Children Foundation (ABC) holds a placard that shows the face of Vanessa George during a protest outside Bristol Crown Court. George was jailed indefinitely today after she admitted feeding the lust of Blanchard - a Facebook accomplice - with sick pictures of children in her care.

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