Anorak News | Copenhagen Issues Climate Gate Art Works to Prostitutes

Copenhagen Issues Climate Gate Art Works to Prostitutes

by | 18th, December 2009

sex-warmingSCULPTOR Jens Galschioet has highlighted the end of the world being nigh by hanging flashing red lights seven metres up in trees and on lamp posts in Copenhagen.

For the prostitutes? No. this is to show one and all how high the waters will get when Greenland’s ice melts. Architect Ole Oerslev works it out:

“Technically and pedagogically it is a sound idea. The problem is that they are hanging at incorrect heights by the city lakes, where they currently sit at 11,34 metres.”

The lakes of Copenhagen are 5,89 metres above sea level. A quick calculation and the lights should be placed 69 centimetres above the ground.

Galschioet then delivers the warmists argument:

“The rest of the lights put up around the city and out by the Bella Center are in the correct elevation. We wanted to display something downtown as well and even though we knew that the lights should have been at 69 centimetres, we didn’t really feel it looked like much. So we cheated a bit and decided to explain if anyone found out.”

Such is the science.

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