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X Factor Final: Joe McElderry Would Have Lost To Rage Against The Machine’s Zack

by | 18th, December 2009

rage-joeJOE McElderry – Simon Cowell’s pet Joe-nas Brother – takes on Rage Against The Machine and Paul McCartney comes out on the side of rebellion. Says Sky News:

Macca Backs Rage Against X Factor No 1

Paul McCartney, singer of The Frog Chorus, who performed on the X Factor final (Ringo Starr was unavailable – even the music greats must bow before Cowell) wants Joe McElederry to lose his right to be Christmas Number 1?

Steve Hargrave, showbiz correspondent, tells readers:

Sir Paul McCartney has thrown his weight behind the campaign to land Rage Against The Machine the Christmas number one.


“I like the idea. Everyone expects Joe to do it, and if he goes to number one then good luck to him. He’s just some kid with a career ahead. I’ve got nothing against that, but it would be kind of funny if Rage Against The Machine got it because it would prove a point.”

What point he does not say. And what point it is seems unclear. One thing is certain: the X Factor produced average-to-dire singers singing average songs before a panel of pragmatic, faux caring, business-minded, music industry-sponsored gargoyles.

The odd thing is that had Rage Against The Machine’s front man Zack de la Rocha been on the X Factor, all wild-haired and jerky, he might have been seen as a novelty act, patronised by bobble-headed, pap-peddler Louis Walsh and a shoo-in for the Christmas No.1. Zack de la Rocha could have been rebellion rock’s Jedward

X Factor’s John & Edward Grimes’ Novelty Record Top Ten


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