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Meet The Cow With Three Nostrils

by | 19th, December 2009

cow-three-nostrilsTHE celebrity calf in Urs Herrmann’s Cheiry farm Switzerland, has three nostrils. No names for the beast yet, but we suggest Kerry, Lindsay or Wino. If a celebrity could be cloned, it would have three nostrils and… Well, they can be cloned. They are. The blueprint resides at Messers Nip ‘n’ Tuck’s teeth, nose and bloat surgery.

Swiss bio farmer Urs Herrmann, 44, says: “People are always coming to visit her – bringing nice things for her to eat and making a fuss of her. She is in the stable with all the other young calves and is totally healthy and fine. But she has a better life than the others since she gets spoiled more than the others who get a lot less attention.” And he will keep her alive: “It would be no big problem since we own around 100 animals already. One more or less will not make a big difference.”

The celebrity cow is a true celebrity cow…

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