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Now The Taliban Ban Tinsel In Nuneaton

by | 19th, December 2009

IN the Mail’s PC gone mad rant, readers learn of a Midlands Taliban banning tinsel. In our midst, man mullahs are killing our Great British tinsel. MacGuffin takes up the story:

THE latest ‘PC brigade ban Christmas’ nonsense comes in today’s Mail. The article comes with the headline: Tinsel Taliban strikes as Court Service ban staff from decorations to avoid offence because, obviously, people who allegedly want to ‘ban’ coloured lengths of cheap shiny plastic are just like the Taliban.

The story claims this: Tory Baroness Warsi has received an email from an admin worker at Warwickshire Justice Centre in Nuneaton who claims tinsel has been banned under the company diversity and equality police because it offends people of other religions. Namely Muslims.
Banning Christmas things because of Mulims, diversity and equality – it’s a Mail wet dream. Except, once you read the quote from the Ministry of Justice spokesman, you strongly suspect it’s not actually true. The Mail begins the quote with this:

Last night a source at the Ministry of Justice admitted that tinsel had been banned at the front-office counter at the Nuneaton office.

Which suggests all the above is true. But then:

‘Over the counter, yes, where sensitive business like fine payments takes place,’ he said. ‘For that reason. Otherwise there is tinsel and stuff elsewhere.

‘Nothing was removed for religious or diversity reasons.

‘One piece of tinsel was removed from a counter where it was getting in the way. The rest of the tinsel remains there as festive as ever.’

So decorations have not been ‘outlawed’ as the Mail claimed. They’ve not been placed where people paying fines might not want them in their face, and one piece of tinsel was moved because it was in the way. That’s all the Mail is actually reporting on here.

A piece of tinsel has been moved in an office block because it was in the way.

Of course, it’s clear that the Mail journalist Daniel Martin hasn’t actually been to the building in question to see for himself. But then the Mail has never much cared whether these stories are true or not. All they care about is that they fit the agenda and view of Britain the Mail wants to make people believe is true.

The Mail aren’t alone – Tory MP Philip Davies is also obsessed with this fictional ‘PC gone mad’ idea. A rent-a-quote drone, Davies is the ‘parliamentary spokesman’ for the Campaign Against Political Correctness. The CAPC, ironically, is run by two drones who have never knowingly said anything meaningful or interesting.

The Guardian has revealed that rather than spending his time worrying about the serious political issues of the day, Davies has been bombarding the Equality and Human Rights Commission with letters asking questions such as:

Is it offensive to black up or not, particularly if you are impersonating a black person? PS I would be grateful if you could explain to me why it is so offensive to black up your face as I have never understood this.

It’s just the type of comment that you would expect to read from a Mail reader.

Davies has said on several occasions that measures to tackle homophobic bullying are:

barmy, politically correct nonsense.

He said that Muslims should ‘fuck off’ in a made-up Sun story about an attack on a soldier’s home in Windsor, which he then had to retract.

And now he claims he has ‘never understood’ why ‘blacking up’ is offensive.

Is it offensive to be a cretin or not, particularly if you are impersonating a Member of Parliament? In the Guardian, Davies is quotes saying in response to these letters:

“Anybody who follows my career in parliament knows I’m concerned with the issue of political correctness. I’m merely pursuing a subject I raise more regularly than anyone else in parliament. It’s one of my bugbears. Lots of people are castigated for being racist when that’s not their intention.”

Yes, but what about all those people castigated for being obsessed with political correctness based on half-truths and outright lies?- TW

It’s DM gone mad…

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