Anorak News | Christmas With Paris Hilton And A Chance To Sit On Her Face

Christmas With Paris Hilton And A Chance To Sit On Her Face

by | 22nd, December 2009

americanroyaltyPARIS Hilton is showing Hello! readers around her Beverly Hills mansion. Paris is dressed as a chandelier. Behind her are throne-like, gilded chairs covered in a leopard-print and scatter cushions in the same material. If anyone sits in this room, they’ll be facing inwards but in different directions. Paris stands in the centre. She may have designed the room herself.

On another sofa there is a scatter cushion with Paris Hilton’s face on it. Paris can sit on it and imagine what it is to be with Paris.

On the stairs is another huge picture of Paris. Reflected in a big mirror is another portrait of Paris. There are two more pictures of Paris on another wall. There is little chance that Paris’s pets – she lives with 13 of them – will forget what their mistress looks like.

Somewhat selfishly, Paris says that normally she and her family “take Christmas away with us”, to Maui, Hawaii or Aspen. This year they are “doing it at home”. Last year, Paris had “real snow” shipped in.

This year there is Doug Reinhardt, Paris’ latest lover. Doug once rented out an entire Fiji island for Paris. He’s “really sweet”. Other friends have created collages of photos and placed them in albums. One imagines the photos are of Paris – ones she has not already displayed.

Paris says her home is “like Fort Knox”. Given the amount of gold and shiny surfaces, we’d say that Fort Knox is like Paris Hilton’s home, or at least it was before the recession hit.

But what is the real Paris? Paris says that one of the misconceptions about her is that “my parents gave my everything on a plate”. In reality they had someone deliver the plate.

Paris says this is nonsense. She then tells us that she is cut up about Michael Jackson’s death because her mum “grew up” with him and: “I’d go over to Neverland and visit the sets of all his music videos.

You see, she grafted. He never once offered or was ordered to bring Neverland to her…

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