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Strictly Come Dancing’s Ali Bastian And Brian Fortuna’s Boast Card From Paris

by | 22nd, December 2009

ali-bastian-and-brian-fortunaWHILE you weren’t watching Strictly Come Dancing, the BBC’ pro-am dance bore-fest, Ali Bastian (celeb/dancer) and Brian Fortuna (dancer/celeb) fell head over heels in love. Says Hello!:

“Are they aren’t they was the question on everyone’s lips?”

It wasn’t. The question at Anorak was how long before the BBC repackages its moribund, flabby show into a sport and puts Bastian up for sports personality of the year. Personality is BBC English  for celebrity. And if a decent highlights package can be put together to the tune of something from M People then Bastian has a chance.

We join Bastian and Fortuna in Paris. The couple seem joined at the pelvis, locked in a never ending tango. The answer to the question on “everyone’s lips” seems to be blindingly obvious. Unless one of them is in love and the other is just in it for the photos?

Brian says he’s kept the romance secret because he wanted the focus not to be on the relationship but it all to be “about Ali being a good dancer”. If it were about the dancing the BBC would broadcast the Bolshoi Ballet.

To be above average is the celebrity’s aim. Ask yourself this: has a celebrity made it to the professional dance ranks? No. Ali’s future is uncertain. The public whim works on a voting system.

But Brian will be on the show next year, entertaining the viewers for whom the telly is a mysterious bright light behind a cage ten feet off the ground, or a friend sat in the corner of the baking hot communal lounge.,,

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