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They Might be Jesus Christ: Born On Christmas Day

by | 24th, December 2009

jesus-is-coming-postersANORAK loves a good list, to see how people otherwise unrelated can find themselves pressed up against each other. Better if the people joined by a random fact or vote hate each other or stand for wildly different things. Mindful of this, we bring you the list of famous people who were born on Christmas Day. We call it: They Might Be Jesus:

Sir Isaac Newton (1642) – don’t bite the apple from the tree just wait for it to drop on its own accord.

Ehrengard von der Schulenburg (1667) King George I’s mistress; closer to god are thee

Clara Barton (1821) – founder of American Red Cross

Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876) – founder of Islamic republic of Pakistan

Charles Pathé (1863) – French pioneer of film and record industries, which inadvertently led to the massive porn movement and GMTV

Conrad Hilton (1887) – hotelier and grandfather to Paris Hilton

Humphrey Bogart (1899) – smoker

Cab (Cabell) Calloway (1907) –

Quentin Crisp (1908) English author, the Englishman in New York and a celebrity homosexual. One for the evangelical Christians to ponder.

Noele Gordon (1919) English actress famous for running the Crossroads den of vice

Rod Serling (1924) Wrote Planet of the Apes – enemy of Creationists

Stuart Hall (1929) – Jovial and florid football pundit

Little Richard (1932) – Born again Christian preacher

Jairzinho (1944) – Brazilian footballer who could walk on water

Kenny Everett (1944) – Gay BBC DJ and entertainer

Sissy Spacek (1949) – Possessed by demons in Carrie and killed everyone in a fiery hall of hell. Hardcore Christian should like the metaphors in her work.

Karl Rove (1950) – former American presidential advisor and all round god botherer

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