Anorak News | In Pictures and Video: Brittany Murphy Dead In The Bathroom

In Pictures and Video: Brittany Murphy Dead In The Bathroom

by | 24th, December 2009

BRITTANY Murphy is dead and Radar Online has transcribed a 2003 episode of MTV’s Diary with Brittany Murphy. Get this:

“This bathroom is incredible. I’ve always found sanctuary in the bathroom of wherever we’re living. I remember sleeping in the bathtub when I was a little girl. I thought it was really just private and nice.”

Sanctuary. Private. Nice. Oh, irony of ironies.

Radar bills this news as “EXCLUSIVE: Video Shows Where Brittany Murphy Died”

The battle in the media is to be as tasteless as possible and pass it off as public interest or to be overtly tasteful.

The promotional poster for the film Deadline – which pictures Murphy dead in a bathtub (pictured) – is being replaced.

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Brittany Murphy is ever the star, in life and in death. Can anyone sane confuse the actress in the bathtub with the person dead in a bathroom as seen on TV?

To further prove how the personal life of an actor is never private, the Daily Telegraph manages to provide context for Murphy’s coffin:

Brittany Murphy’s funeral is expected to take place later today at the same cemetery where Michael Jackson was laid to rest.

At least her life had meaning, readers…

See her career in pictures

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