Anorak News | Umar Abdulmutallab’s Hot Pants: The Queen, ‘The Pope’ And Birmingham Nazis

Umar Abdulmutallab’s Hot Pants: The Queen, ‘The Pope’ And Birmingham Nazis

by | 28th, December 2009

abdulmutallab UMAR Abdulmutallab is arrested for wearing hot pants on a plane – he, allegedly, tried to kill hundreds by setting fire to his trousers – and the media is relieved. We round-up the news:

The Daily Express goes for how Abdulmutallab’s actions affect you:


_Those cutting-edge airport X Ray machines that allow boarder police to see through clothes are vital to speed up passenger transit. Although rumours are that right now Al Qaeda is recruiting fat people to hide guns and firecrackers in their folds of flesh. Says one customs officer:

“If any young, fit woman is looking to hide a device beneath her robes, we will study the evidence in detail. Although we are looking to recruit more chubby chasers to aid the directive.”

The Star, predictably agrees with its sister paper, the Express, and leads with:




umar-farouk-abdulmutallabThose two weeks away in Faliraki might be a longer trip that you thought.

The Sun opts for the angle that Umar Abdulmutallab is the tip of a very thick icerberg:


The Sun says the 25 are looking to blow up Western jets. They are all returning to the UK in early 2010. We learn that the 25 were all “radicalised in UK mosques”.

Mosques, perhaps, like Birmingham’s Green Lane Mosque where the racists, those brown-eyed Nazis, are talking:

Sheikh Faisal al-Jassim and Sheikh Abdul Aziz As-Sadhan, were invited to lecture crowds on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, despite preaching hatred against Jews and calling for holy war.

In an online recording, Kuwaiti al-Jassim refers to Jews as “the arch enemies of this great religion,” and asks listeners to “prepare all the weapons we can”.

The Sun offers no proof of its mystical 25, only that they exist and will add to the “fear”.

The Telegraph says “The hunt is on for bomber’s accomplices”. Yeah, really. How’s that for investigative journalism at its best?

Meanwhile, the Mirror leads with a picture of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on a trip to Buckingham Palace in 2001. Why this is news is not immediately clear. It’s not any clearer after reading the story. It seems that Her Majesty played no part in radicalising young Umar, although he might have listened to Prince Charles.

The Mail goes with the human interest angle, bringing us:

“A boy who grew up to be bomber.”

“Fellow pupils remember him as an almost saintly figure, leading them to nickname him ‘The Pope’.”

What are the odds that ‘The Pope’ would join an anti-Semitic group of idealistic nutcases hell bent on enslaving the world to their devilish will?

In other news: no-one apart from the bomber was hurt and another man was arrested in a toilet

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