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Iran’s Green Revolution Needs Israel To Attract Big Media Bias

by | 28th, December 2009

IN Iran, the Green Revolution is underway. Again. But it’s not the lead story on the BBC. If it were about Israel, it would be. The revolutinaries need Israel to get involced for the BBC to take notice. Back Spin writes of goings on in Israel – which is always top of the BBC and other mainstream news organs’ news agenda:

We can’t verify this horrifying accusation, but we’ll publish it anyway. That’s the gist of this snippet by Daily Telegraph reporter Adrian Blomfield. He writes from Gaza:

Enjoy this:

But reliving her son’s death a year later, there is another, more harrowing detail that preys on Mrs Awaja’s mind. She says that as she hid behind a wall while her husband limped away to find help, Israeli soldiers used Ibrahim’s corpse, which was lying in a road, as target practice.

“Each time the bullets would hit, his body leapt up off the road a little bit,” she said. “It was as though he could still feel the pain even though he was already dead.”

It is allegations such as these – almost impossible to verify – that have caused much damage to Israel’s international reputation.

They are not on the side of truth – they are just on the other side.

Meanwhile in Iran’s Green Revolution:

In 1987, to Palestinians, Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and the deteriorating political and economic situations there formed the nucleus of the political ideology that legitimized the first intifada. Khamenei’s increasing attacks against the Iranian public, followed by full-scale assaults against mosques and religious members of the community, are creating the nucleus of an ideology that is legitimizing opposition, not just in cities, but throughout Iran.

However, ideology is not enough. To succeed, what is needed is to increase the frequency of opposition to the point where the morale of the regime and its forces are sufficiently eroded and they can no longer afford to carry on with their current policies, or their ability to function. Here again Ayatollah Khamenei seems to be aiding the opposition.


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