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How the Sun Sells Murdoch’s Avatar As News

by | 18th, January 2010

DID you see Avatar yet? You didn’t? But you must. You. HAVE. To. The Sun says so. Highlights of Avatar reporting, include:

Rise of Avatar kiddies” – people naming children after film characters; “Hilarious viral of Avatar trailer”– WATCH the amazing internet hit video mash-up of Team America and Avatar; “James wouldn’t Av a sex scene” – ZOE Saldana reveals her steamy romp with Sam Worthington was cut from hit Avatar; “Vatican hits out at 3D Avatar” – VATICAN paper slams blockbuster film as ‘technology without emotion’ in attack; “Avatar is fastest to hit billion”; “Avatar is blue heaven“; “Leona’s Av-ing a night out“; “Avatar arrives on planet earth“; “I Av seen the future” – Sun’s film critic gives the view; “It’s out Av this world” and “First glimpse of magical Avatar“.

In other news the Sun is owned by Rupert Murdoch, whose other company – Twentieth Century Fox makes… Well, can you guess what film? Ava-go…

No news, however, of the Avatar Suicides

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