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John Terry’s Dirty Play Gets A Red Card: Media Delights

by | 30th, January 2010

john-terry-shagJOHN Terry is alleged to be the Chelsea and England captain who cheated on his wife, the fragrant Toni, with his former teammate Wayne Bridge’s girlfiend Vanessa Perroncel. AGW looks at the news:

I CARE less than two shakes of a WAG’s lascivious and undoubtedly libidinously sexily under-weared backside whether or not England’s football captain was actually shagging his best friend’s girl. I’ll leave that to the News of the World’s story tomorrow.

Pictures: Vanessa Perroncel (John Terry’s Alleged Lover)

The fact that the best friend’s girl was allegedly his wife’s best friend too was no surprise.

What does tee me off no end is England Captain John Terry used media super lawyers to seek a super-injunction banning even the mention that an injunction was in place….and then did not warn other newspapers of its existence. Dirty play and should have attracted an immediate red card.

It did.

That fact did for him since The UK High Court’s Mr ­Justice Tugendhat wasn’t too impressed with either the England Captain John “Shagger” Terry’s personal life or his lawyers.

Pictures: Vanessa Perroncel (John Terry’s Alleged Lover)

It was another use of the ultimate gagging order which has stifled British newspapers for what seems like an age. It stopped a fair an honest viewpoint of Terry’s activities which must be considered on a par with Tiger Woods. The similarities are there, super rich sportsmen with over inflated opinions of themselves,their worth and true rank in modern society. Terry is about to find out the other hard lesson how quickly the high and mighty can fall when they mess about. Not because he allegedly screwed the mother of his pal’s child but because he felt he was above public scrutiny.

None of us are and the same rules have to apply to Terry as Woods.

Tiger Woods’ Women (Alleged)

Others will now be shaken to their venal scrotum or even socks because the tree has been shaken and other peccadilloes are right now being written up. The Premier League manager’s visit to a brothel, also gagged, will be high on the list.

The Guardian, Times and Daily Mail all have good versions of the Court’s decision yesterday. I welcome them not because of any pleasure in watching the England Skipper squirm but because it strikes a blow for press freedoms and kicks the media lawyers right in the crotch.

This was once again the use of 1998 human rights legislation to stifle alleged guttersnipe behaviour. It has become a Privacy Law without being one.

Tiger Woods’ Women (Alleged)

Terry will come out of it very badly. Hopefully Press Freedoms will not. His legal team won a high court injunction last Friday, having learned that the News of the World planned to write about his private life. Under the terms of the superinjunction, agreed on privacy grounds, newspapers were unable to reveal who had applied to stop the story.

The judge, Mr ­Justice Tugendhat, lifted the injunction.

The Guardian reports:”Tom Crone, News of the World legal manager, said:

“…this is common sense coming out of the privacy courts… Over recent years, there has been more prior restraint on freedom of speech in Britain than in any other democratic country in the world.

“Gagging orders like the one sought by John Terry have been granted to numerous other Premier League footballers and assorted celebrities…..

“The British public’s right to know has been the victim of this legal process. Hopefully that will now change.”

The judge also slammed Terry’s lawyers, Schillings, for not giving newspapers notice of the action they were taking.

Pictures: Vanessa Perroncel (John Terry’s Alleged Lover)

Other high profile cases have been when Trafigura’s law firm Carter-Ruck was forced to drop an injunction and in 2008 the News of the World was ruled to have breached the privacy of Formula One boss Max Mosley and paid damages.

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