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Frank Maloney V Nick Griffin: BNP V UKIP

by | 30th, January 2010

8288067FRANK Maloney, the man who guided Lennox Lewis to fistic glory, gives the Churchillian two fingers to Europe and puts himself forwards as the UKIP candidate for Barking. Can Frank beat Nick Griffin’s BNP? Griffin won a blue at Cambridge (light blue!).

Who stands in the red white and blue corner?

So-called British loyalist Griffiin talked with the French (!) in the guise of Jean Marie Le Pen. Maloney would not stoop so low as to talk politics with Europeans. Although he did rub up against Ken Livingstone (he finished fourth) in the fight for London Mayor five years ago.

Says Malone of Griffin’s BNP:

I spent quite a lot of Christmas reading their website and it’s bullshit.”

Maloney says he wants to be seen as a serious contender, so no more wearing a Union Jack suits.

So will that Union Jack-the-lad suit we saw so often before he and Lewis split up after 12 years in 2001 be brought out of the closet again? “Nah. I don’t want to be seen as a joke character. I’m a serious contender and I’m going in to start throwing some heavy punches.”

So serious is he that he issues this challenge:

The charity bout would see Mr Griffin – who earned a boxing “blue” at Cambridge University – take on Maloney, who had 69 contests as an amateur.

Mr Maloney, a candidate for UKIP, claimed the loser should drop out of the race to become Barking MP.

He said: “This is a serious offer I am making to Griffin.

“The loser of our fight should suffer and be forced to step down from standing at the General Election.

“I think Griffin spouts evil, but really is just a laughable figure of fun to any decent-minded citizen.

“He is like a cartoon baddie in a suit.”

Maloney once “died” for 30 seconds on an operating table. After nearly dying there only thing for it is politics. So say no to extremism and yes to Maloney. Intolerance will not be tolerated! Right Frank?

“I don’t think gays do a lot for society… I don’t want to see gay policemen walking hand in hand… I’d ban gay pride marches.”

That as then. Now, Frank says:

“I don’t have a problem with gay people but I hold my hands up and say I am against same-sex marriages and same-sex parents, I won’t change my view on that. If you’re gay, you’re gay. It’s not an issue with me. Those remarks were a little bit stupid. I’ve grown up since then. Once I get out there and start talking to people, they will get to know me because I am quite a warm personality. I will argue my corner and I love solving problems.”

UKIP and the BNP. Which acronym do you support? Or are you just delighted that they are fighting each other..?

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