Anorak News | Christine Pratt Is A Bullies Plaything

Christine Pratt Is A Bullies Plaything

by | 22nd, February 2010

8418258CHRISTINE Pratt says staff at No.10 have called her National Bullying Hotline to grass up Coke fiend Gordon Brown as bully. They won’t be doing any more calling. Not without any f****** ears.

Pratt used the PR about The End Of The Party by political commentator Andrew Rawnsley to promote her cause. Everyone has a pet cause – it’s how the news works. Anorak will give you the fuller picture.

Tory MP Ann Widdecombe has now resigned as patron of the NBH, saying that publicising the phone calls had been a breach of confidentiality.

Gordon Brown Spends Christine Pratt’s Lunch Money On Booze And Flashy Motors

And what do we know of Mrs Pratt? In 1995, she took BAE systems to an industrial tribunal in 1995. She worked there as a secretary and complained of bullying. She won before the matter got to court – BAE Systems coughed up.

In 2003, Mrs Pratt accused BAE of breaching – get this – the confidentiality of the settlement.

File under: The Irony Fist.

In other news, the partisan media tries to buty Christine Pratt, or praise her.

Watch as she states that she has received complaints from the “Deputy Prime Minister’s office” within the last 18 months. Wince as Gary gently points out that the ODPM hasn’t existed since 2006 – Paul Waugh

The Left Says:

The most serious allegations concern claims that Christine Pratt, who runs the National Bullying Helpline (NBH), used the helpline to solicit business for the HR consultancy she runs with her husband.

One woman said that when she rang the helpline for “confidential, free advice” four years ago after being bullied at work, she was referred to Pratt’s firm, HR & Diversity Management (HRDM), which provides mediation services, and paid them £250.

The Charity Commission investigated the helpline in 2008 after complaints that the NBH’s website was registered by a business specialising in supporting those being bullied in the workplace. The commission found no wrongdoing but today said the charity would be reviewed “in light of the issues raised over the weekend and the complaints received today” – Guardian

The Right Says

I’ve looked at the political implications of the bullying charge against Gordon Brown in today’s Telegraph. One day Labour is going to have to account for how it let a man whose weaknesses were all too familiar to those at the top to end up running the country – Benedict Brogan, Telegraph

If you think you havd been bullied, just wait until the press get a hold of you…

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