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Cheryl Cole And Ashley To Meet In Secret: Photos

by | 1st, March 2010

cheryl-cole-mobileCHERYL Cole does not want Ashley Cole to call her. We know this because she is telling Daily Mirror readers via the paper’s front page:

“Please stops phoning me, Ash, it’s over…”

Inside and the story is given a different twist:

“Cheryl Cole tells Ashely’s mum that it’s definitely over [sic]”

Cheryl Cole is splitting from Ashley Cole’s mum, Sue? You divorce your partner and you divorce your partner’s family. Unless you’re on Jeremy Kyle in which case you find a close relative to shag.

Cheryl Cole And Ashley’s Marriage

Having heard Cheryl ask for privacy media, we are reliant on a source to tell us what passes on Cheryl’s phone line.

“When Sue passed on the message, Ashley was gutted. The wedding ring came off. He’s cocked up big-time. Now he needs to face up to his actions.”


“He’s been calling and texting a lot. But she needs space and she told Sue that.”

Is she sure it’s Ashley texting. That missing mobile with this picture of Ashley in his knickers is still at large. The message:

“Chez – cum home” – home is now The Norman Suite, Anorak Towers, London. Bring Mojo – Ash”…

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged);

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