Anorak News | Jennifer Aniston ‘Betrayed’ By Acting Gerard Butler

Jennifer Aniston ‘Betrayed’ By Acting Gerard Butler

by | 2nd, March 2010

butler-anistonHEADLINES like Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are having a “Trial marriage” may have inadvertently created the impression that Jen and Ger are dating. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sure, they groped and snogged – Aniston straddles Butler – but The Bounty Hunter is not a fly-on-the-wall reality TV show but a film, with a script and lots of pretending.

Happily the National Enquirer can revels that the “trial marriage” of two stars set to appear in major motion picture was interrupted by Butler getting off with loads women who aren’t Jennifer Aniston.

The talks if a “love nest” broken, and Jen being “shaken”, “furious” and “betrayed”.

And so it is that Jennifer Aniston once more gets to play the victim, this time with her lover doing all the feeling…

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