Anorak News | Jennifer Ellison Introduces 92-Hour Brookside Cliff Hanger And Baby Bobby

Jennifer Ellison Introduces 92-Hour Brookside Cliff Hanger And Baby Bobby

by | 3rd, March 2010

“THE last time OK! photographed a heavily pregnant Jennifer Ellison it was big drama as he made an emergency hospital dash after she keeled over and began violently vomiting midway through the photo-shoot.”

It turns out Jennifer hadn’t over-syruped (a condition hitherto known to affect OK! readers) but had been food poisoned.

Soon recovered, OK! meets Ellison again, this time after a 92-hour labour – fitting, perhaps, for a girl who used to entertain us on the Brookside omnibus. Here’s Jen:

“The baby’s head got stuck in my pelvis, the pain as excruciating. I was given a shot of diamorphine, but it did nothing. I was in so much pain my body started to shut down.”

Jennifer’s waters partially broke at 4am on Monday. She went to hospital. On Tuesday, the contractions were getting more pronounced. On Wednesday, they were strong. So she went to hospital. And then they stopped.

It’s a cliff hanger. Call Phil Redmond. If Ellison can keep this up, Brooky can be back five nights a week.

We rejoin the action in the birthing pool, where the baby is in the canal and Ellison is 8cm.

She gets an epidural: “I panicked…because you can get paralysed.”


“I haemorrhaged when they getting him out… just after my epidural my mum popped in and I threw up all over her and Rob – it was in their eyelashes and everything!”

Then this Scouse cleaning woman came in armed with bag of ready quips about this and that and said that bonny baby Bobby was a terrific little lad.

And everyone laughed until they puked…

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