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Madeleine McCann: The Fat Kiwi’s Innocent But Gypsies Spotted With Our Maddie

by | 4th, March 2010

MADELEINE McCann – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann – HAVING exploded back on the front pages with a “secret file” and a 2008 sighting in New Zealand, we can now reveal that the girl spotted with the fat gypsy paedo in an Dunedin shop is NOT Madeleine McCann.

Shop assistant Taryn Dryfhout – you will recall her being identified by British papers a “security guard”; today the Mirror has demoted to “a checkout girl” – “told reporters that she raised the alarm when she saw the girl with a man in a white shirt and shorts walking out of The Warehouse variety store in the South Island city of Dunedin on December 5, 2007”.

She stared at the man and the child.

She said she was so convinced the girl was Madeleine that she asked her name. The girl stumbled nervously and eventually replied, “Hayley,” Dryfhout said.

Or “Hailey“, as the Star told us. And let us review the scene: a stranger has approached your child and asked her name. Do you report them to the cops? And note that this is at the height of the Our Maddie story…

The man and a woman with them acted strangely so police were notified, she said.

The man and woman who had been approached by a stranger who wanted to speak with their child and were being stared at acted strangely… The strange then called the police. Go on…

Dunedin Police Inspector David Campbell says she is not the missing British girl.”

This news is not reported on any front page. The fat man is innocent, what of the gypsies?

Daily Mirror: “Girl ‘seen in black wig’”

Martin Fricker has news:

Investigators are hunting for a mystery girl in a black wig that a British holidaymaker said was “100% Madeleine McCann“.

So she called out, grabbed the child, created a huge scene and the kidnappers were captured and Madeleine ran free?

The child was seen with two “gypsy” women in a town just 30 miles from Praia da Luz where she disappeared.

We know they were gypsies because..? Well, the Star says:


And in the Mirror:

Jean Godwin, 56, of Widnes, claims she saw her in September 2008. She said: “She was in the middle of the two women holding their hands.

“Her eyes were wide open and my attention was drawn to her large irises. The child was wearing what was clearly a black wig. She was about 3ft 1in and about five years of age. She was white with a pale complexion.

“I couldn’t sleep, I had my husband take me back to look. I’ve been asked how certain I am, I’m 100% sure.”

As sure as that check out girl in New Zealand who said: “I absolutely believe it was her. I have no doubt in my mind“?

Back to Maddie Spotter Godwin and those gypsies:

McCann investigators found one of the women – a Portuguese cleaner.

A gypsy cleaner? So, the woman is known. And she is a suspect?

Another Brit Jeni Weinberger, 38, also identified the cleaner as a woman she saw in Praia da Luz the day Madeleine vanished.

A cleaner on a holiday resort… What are the odds? This is cracking detective work. Go on:

Detectives traced her to an orange grove in Silves and found a Citroen with a doll in it but no trace of the child. The car was traced to a male teacher in Portimao who said the doll was given him by students. Weinberger also identified him as someone she had seen at that time. But police dismissed the evidence.

She lives in an orange grove? Not in a house? And the cops and detectives know the gypsy teacher is ok because they asked the students?

The cleaner could not be reached to comment. A McCann source said: “It’s one of the strongest leads.”

In which case, keep looking…

Madeleine McCann is missing. There are no suspects. The parents are innocent. There are no clues. There is just speculation…

Image: 3 year old Bushra Binhisa with her father Hamid, mother Hafidah and sister Souhaila in the family home in the city of Zinat, Morocco, September 26, 2007. A picture of Bushra stirred up the world press through her likeness with the disappeared English girl Madeleine…

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