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Peter Chapman’s 2,981 Young Girls And Death By Facebook

by | 11th, March 2010

FACEBOOK is today’s media scare story, given to readers by Coleen Nolan who has read about Peter Chapman, the rapist who killed Ashleigh Hall.

Coleen Nolan is happy to tell Mirror readers how Facebook is rife with paedos ands rapists and killers.

Says the headline:

Peter Chapman killing of innocent Ashleigh Hall shows evil lurks in virtual world of Facebook

Well, yes. Facebook is a reflection of the world it operates in. Or is there something unique about it that makes it more dangerous?

In the real world no 17 year-old girl would give bald weirdo Peter Chapman a second look. And they certainly wouldn’t be getting into his car on their own.

So, in what world did Ashleigh Hall get into Peter Chapman’s car?

But in the virtual world, Chapman, who was jailed for life this week for the rape and murder of poor, innocent Ashleigh Hall, could be whoever he wanted to be.

Well, yes. But Ashleigh Hall was not murdered in the virtual world.

And so, posing as a musclebound hunk in his Facebook picture, Peter Chapman was able to lure in thousands of young girls.

Because real, sorry, virtual, musclebound hunks can’t be rapists and killers?

Coleen Nolan sees the 2,981 “girls” Chapman has met on the internet. We know they are girls because Nolan says so and because, er, no-one lies on the web.

Any one of them could have been his victim. And just on the day that Ashleigh agreed to meet up with him 100 young girls had accepted him as a friend on Facebook.

Again, we know they are not just girls but “young girls”. And not anyone of them could have been the victim – the victim was the one who met him in the real world.

How many of them, with a bit of persuasion, would have made the same dreadful mistake that Ashleigh did?

Don’t know? Can we guess? Or does fantacising about young girls meeting a bald weirdo make us weird?

Sometimes I think because we’re a little uncertain about the world of Facebook and instant messaging and webcams…

“You don’t understand,” is what teenagers have been telling us mums since time began. But now, with the internet, our kids are often dead right. I don’t really understand much about it at all.

No kidding. We readers on the web are then introduced to Coleen’s daughter Ciara who “absolutely loves her computer”.

I know when she is older she’ll want to go on Facebook like my boys do, so then we’ll need more rules about who she is talking to and what happens if they want to meet up.

But even more important than rules is trying to keep talking to her about the very real dangers that exist in a virtual world.

Well, in the virtual world, things are not real. It’s the real world where people are killed and raped. One other point to debate: What world does Coleen live in, and what is she doing in this one?

Image: Ashleigh Hall’s mother Andrea is comforted by the girl’s grandfather Mike Hall outside Teesside Crown Court, Middlesbrough, following the conviction of Peter Chapman for the murder of the 17 year old.

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