Anorak News | Amanda Holden ‘Catches’ Jade Goody’s High-Profile Cancer

Amanda Holden ‘Catches’ Jade Goody’s High-Profile Cancer

by | 11th, March 2010

JADE Goody Day, formerly Mothers’ Day, approaches, and Amanda Holden wants us all to know that she “feared she’d ‘die like Jade Goody’”

What, loved by millions and lamented in a televised funeral? Don’t worry, Amanda. It’s very unlikely. But cancer is no joke and we turn to hear Holden’s tale of woe:

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden yesterday said she feared she might die after a cancer scare. The actress, 39, was rushed to hospital when a doctor on the set of her ITV show Fantasy Lives found a lump in November.

Shells been a midwife, a singer and a self-aggrandising pain in the arse. Now she’s Jade Goody.

Jade Goody – Life In Pictures

Says Holden:

“I’ll never forget the moment the doctor felt my breast and said, ‘My dear, we need to get you straight to hospital.”

She was late for that I’m A Celebrity Midwife show?

“My mind was filled with thoughts about high-profile people like Caron Keating and Jade Goody who’d fought and lost a battle with this very deadly disease.”

It’s Holden’s unique common touch that makes her so liked.

Jade Goody – Life In Pictures

“It brought home to me that none of us is invincible.”

She’s right, if someone high-profile can get cancer, than you, you low-profile nothing, are ****ed.

Doctors in Los Angeles gave Holden the all-clear. The lump was “gristle-like tissue”.

Which wasn’t what killed Jade Goody at all. Although she did marry something similar…

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