Anorak News | Michelle McGee: TMZ Buries The Story While Radar Online Goes To Town On Sandra Bullock’s Husband

Michelle McGee: TMZ Buries The Story While Radar Online Goes To Town On Sandra Bullock’s Husband

by | 19th, March 2010

WHY is the story of Sandra Bullock’s husband’s allged affir with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee not getting lots of coverage on gossip site TMZ? Anorak’s Man in LA reports:

Other than watching Perez Hilton getting the snot smacked out of him at the hands of Blackeyed Peas manager Polo Molina, the only thing Anorak’s Man in LA finds more enjoyable is watching TMZ take it in the shorts at the hands of the tabloid veterans over at

Michelle McGee in pictures (NSFW)

And when it comes to the saga of the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James/”Bombshell” McGee triangle of trashy tattoos, steamy sex and marital mayhem, Radar is truly trashing TMZ’s reputation for breaking stories before they even happen (ahem, Michael Jackson’s death) and following up with every imaginable non-angle (i.e., “exclusive” pre-crash close-ups of the fire hydrant Tiger Woods whacked with his Caddy in the wee hours of that fateful November morning).

Let’s summarize, shall we? has posted no fewer than seventeen items about the scandal, each one more interesting than the previous. For example…

And that’s just a fraction of their extensive coverage.

Meanwhile, over in the TMZ time-out box… the second-rate site has posted a total of four stories.

Michelle McGee in pictures (NSFW)

  • An “Exclusive” story about the fact that Jesse’s dog Cinnabun had gone missing (again)… with a barely-there reference to
    reports that he may have had an affair with a tattoo model
  • A (non-exclusive) “Breaking News” item about Jesse’s apology for the affair that he may have had
  • A five-day old photo of Sandra & Jesse appearing before an audience at Wal-Mart’s Arkansas headquarters (“Sandra… was in a great mood as she talked about the movie and her Oscar win”)
  • And last but not least, another “Breaking News” story about the return of prodigal pup Cinnabun to the West Coast Choppers shop… although technically, since Cinnabun was found in a storage room on-site she was never missing in the first place.  Someone at the TMZ writer’s desk did grow half a nut on this one, though, by tagging the story with “Meanwhile, Sandra is still missing.”

Get a grip, TMZ.

You’re not Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

Sandra Bullock (NSFW) She made money by being in bed with Jesse James when she sold her story to In Touch Weekly.  The only thing you’re making by being in bed with Jesse and letting him spoon-feed you items on his missing mutt, is fools of yourselves.


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