Anorak News | Natalie Holloway’s Body Found In Aruba: Well, Maybe Not

Natalie Holloway’s Body Found In Aruba: Well, Maybe Not

by | 20th, March 2010

REMEMBER Natalie Holloway, the teenager whose Aruban summer vacation apparently never ended, seeing as how she disappeared and no corpse was ever found?

And you know how people are constantly seeing the Blessed Virgin in everything from grease stains to slices of toast?

Okay… bear with us here… there is, Anorak’s Man in LA thinks, a connection.  And he’s about to reveal it.

Seems a Pennsylvania couple shot some underwater photographs when they were vacationing in Aruba.  Last October.

They didn’t notice it for six month, but after a close examination of the pictures, they saw what “may be Natalie.”

The picture’s reportedly been sent to the FBI.

The Big Cheese suspects the FBI will end up forwarding it to the News of the World or some similar rag where they can run the picture right next to the photo of a woman who was abducted by UFOs and implanted with multiple computer chips.


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