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Jade Goody In Drugs And Drink Shocker

by | 21st, March 2010

AS the tabloids circle the first anniversary of the death of Jade Goody, the NoTW spots Jade’s mum Jackiey Budden “on a 16-hour drugs and booze binge…

This news is equipped with the sympathetic qualifier:

“…just three days before the anniversary of her tragic daughter’s death.”

This is what happens when a star dies – the survivors and business partners keep their memory alive by doing what they were famous for. Michael Jackson’s family milk his remains for pop records and films. Jade Goody is embroiled in a night of boozing.

This is Jackiey Budden who placed goods at the death scene:

* Jackiey recalls how when Jade died, she put “an apron on and washed her and I covered her in her favourite cream, Jo Malone… You have to use Joe Malone, it was her favourite.”

Back to the story, and The Goody Gran is reported to have scarfed 14 large gin and tonics, two wines (bottles) and snorted a couple of grams of cocaine. Well, whatever helps you deal with the loss…

But there is no evidence. And the “drugs shame video” simply shows a woman leaning over a bedside table inhaling what could by anything. The video is then makes its way into the possession of the NoTW. And Jackiey Budden is front-page news.

Yep, around the same time Jade is remembered? What are the odds, readers?

Expect more images of the Goody Inc. baord members from Jade Goody’s grave cam soon…


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Dental nurse Jade Goody greets presenter Davina McCall as she leaves the Big Brother house at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire to become the ninth contestant to be evicted as the fly-on-the-wall show reached its dramatic finale.

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