Anorak News | Washington’s Caroline Cartwright Arrested For Noisy Sex Again

Washington’s Caroline Cartwright Arrested For Noisy Sex Again

by | 22nd, March 2010

THE woman given as Asbo for noisy sex, Caroline Cartwright, has been arrested for, allegedly, noisy sex. Back in January, Mrs Cartwright was in court for breaching her four-year Asbo on noisy sex with her husband Steve. At Newcastle Crown Court she was handed a suspended sentence.

Caroline, 49, of Washington, is now back in a bail hostel in Sunderland. Says she:

“This is just ridiculous. It was just for 10 minutes at around 10.15am on a Sunday morning. You couldn’t hear that much because the bed is downstairs in the dining room and not in the bedroom.

“The police came on Monday night to arrest me and lock me up. I spent the night in the cells and appeared at Houghton-le Spring Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.


“They said they believed I had breached the Asbo again because two neighbours said they heard us. It was only 10 minutes, not like the two hour sessions we used to have.

“I’m now back in the hostel where I was before. I call it my holiday home. I’m not allowed back at my house until this is sorted out.”

Two hours is now 10 minutes:

“This is causing stress on our marriage. We aren’t doing it as much as we used to because it’s not exactly relaxing knowing that everyone is listening for you to make a noise. We aren’t even sleeping together every night because I have been in a hostel for so long that I’ve got used to sleeping alone.”

If she sleeps with anyone, you’ll most likely hear about it…

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