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Romanians Are Stealing The Great British Lounge

by | 23rd, March 2010

ANTON Vowl looks at how the Daily Express is watching the Rogarians – the Romanian and Bulgarian aliens in your stolen Great British Lounge.

LET’S not pretend, please, that the Express would have put this on its front page, had it not involved immigrants:


So what’s happened here? How did they steal his home?

Outlining the incident last December, Judge Richard Bray said: “The owner comes back at 5pm and there’s an unknown car parked in his drive and the lights to the house are on.

“He goes in and finds these two defendants and, wait for it, a young child.

“We are going back to Dickensian times it appears.

“When challenged, the defendants say they own the property and are just moving in and that the male defendant was going to alter the locks as part of that process.

“Then an unidentified person attends to take the child away. What’s going on here?”

The judge added: “This is a bizarre case. I must be the most experienced person in this building for burglary and in 26 years I cannot remember a case where burglars have taken a young child with them to carry out a burglary. I really can’t.”

That is a bizarre case. So how is it presented by the Express? As a bizarre crime? No. As evidence of problems caused by immigration.

THE impact of Britain’s open-border policy on immigration was laid bare yesterday when it emerged how Romanian squatters moved into a man’s home while he was at work and attempted to claim it as their own.

Ah I see. This extremely rare crime was obviously evidence of Britain’s open-border policy on immigration. Of course it was! Because this kind of thing happens all the fucking time because of our open borders, doesn’t it? Barely an hour goes by without some immigrant family or other breaking into someone else’s home and trying to change the locks, does it? The courts are crammed full of cases like these – all because of our open border policy.

Look out for the ‘astonishingly’ in this next bit:

Judge Bray sentenced them to 12-month community orders with 100 hours community service. Astonishingly, they have been allowed to stay in Britain and continue claiming state benefits, such as child benefit.

That’ll be because:

Last night Dediu, who speaks only broken English, told how he had lived in the UK for three years. He and his wife have two daughters aged eight and two.

He’s been living here for three years and presumably working as well (as he wouldn’t have been able to be claiming benefits in the first place otherwise). But to the Express that’s ‘astonishing‘. And it’s ‘astonishing‘ that an entire family isn’t simply booted out of the country they’ve lived in, where their children are going to school, for people in that family committing the minor crime of criminal damage – you’ll see in the story that other charges were dropped.

And does this  ‘neighbour‘ exist?

But a neighbour said: “Whatever happened to the notion that an Englishman’s home is his castle?

“What sort of country has it become when someone goes to work and has to worry about whether he will find a family of immigrants living in his home when he returns?

“This is the sorry conclusion of allowing uncontrolled immigration.”

Isn’t it convenient, when the Express doesn’t want to come out with something like that, that there’s a handy ‘neighbour‘ there to tell us all about how uncontrolled immigration is to blame – completely anonymously of course.

At this point I could wheel out an anonymous ‘reader’ to say that sometimes the veil over the Express’s apparent  bigotry is so thin that you can’t see it at all, but I might as well just say it myself: they know what they’re up to.

They know this kind of crime is rare, and that squatters come from all kinds of backgrounds, but by only mentioning two incidents involving Romanians, then saying it’s all the fault of immigration and ‘open border’ policies, backed up by the anonymous and incredibly convenient quote, creates the kind of impression they want: evil immigrants, always committing crimes, and we can’t stop them coming.

This week there’ll be plenty of times when people who aren’t immigrants will be up in the dock for criminal damage – and worse – but will they get reported on the front page of the Express? I really doubt it.

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