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Lambs Die In Russian Blackjack Attack On UK s

by | 25th, March 2010

THE UK Ministry of Defence has released this cracking picture of an RAF Tornado (the smaller plane) closing in to intercept a Russian Blackjack bomber. It was one of two which breeched UK air space on March 10.

The Blackjack are the world’s biggest combat aircraft capable of carrying nuclear or conventional weapons, and were intercepted by two Tornados near Stornoway in the Western Isles.

The Scotsman says MoD insiders say the Russians may be attempting to watch preparations for a major military exercise to take place off the Scottish coast next month.
The Tornados shadowed the Tupolev TU-160 aircraft as they flew south before turning north, just short of the Northern Ireland coast.

Nice bit of PR work by the MOD but it says sod all about the real problems for the UK population.

No patriotic warm glow or loud cheering under the planes’ wings or reading The Scotsman’s neatly trotted out PR puff.

It is the military exercise itself which is the major risk. It is once again to take place with probably hundreds of low-flying operations over Highland farms and crofts…in the middle of lambing season. Terrified ewes lose lambs and sometimes their own lives if buzzed at a critical point during lambing.

Apparently ‘bollocks’ is the hill farm term for the exercise.

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