Anorak News | Papal Sex Scandals Are Based On Great British Journalism And Protestant Prejudices

Papal Sex Scandals Are Based On Great British Journalism And Protestant Prejudices

by | 26th, March 2010

THE sex-scandals nibbling away at the Vatican foundations are both shocking and thought provoking….

Britain has much of what is best.

As small island nations Britain and Ireland have traditionally lost many of their ambitious skills-base to other countries and British and European professionals are working in almost every emergent nation of the last 60 or so years.

For instance, the islands had undoubtedly the best newspapers and broadcast media standards and the most highly trained and skilled journalists in the world. Those who find that difficult to accept should look at the coverage elsewhere and influences on other national press standards. It is not always obvious but UK/Eire trained press men are in positions of influence worldwide.

Cardinal Sean Brady Picks A Good St Patrick’s Day To Bury Bad News On The Paedo Priest

That may be one reason for the prominence now being given to the Vatican’s crumbling edifice.

Many of the Old World degradations must have been exported along with the much-needed professionals, so it should not be so surprising the paedophile influence of Roman Catholic priests spread as far and as rapidly as it did nor that it is, at long last, being exposed for what it is.

Whatever else, Pope Benedict’s public apologies are the beginning of a new enlightenment though whether trite public abasement from His Holiness can halt the anger now boiling to the surface in every continent from destroying his church is a different matter.


Today’s New York Times takes the discomfort for Benedict a stage further by suggesting he was in the information loop on at least one cover up. Further he knew a paedophile priest would be reassigned where he could influence children.

As I grew up, I knew and was probably influenced by a large Roman Catholic family. There were eight children of a Irish labourer and a Scottish nurse. They struggled but the kids were clean, noisy and well-cared for. It was a riotous joy being around them and becoming a street urchin with them for brief, some times frowned upon moments. My grandmother hated all things Catholic and was not slow to express that opinion.

Papal Bull As the Pope, Sean Brady And the Catholic Church Protect Peado Priests

It was always expected the eldest boy would ‘go’ to ‘The Church’ and he was duly dispatched to a nearby seminary as the first steps to the priesthood.


After about two years he returned. He was no longer the older brother of the family I knew and had a haunted and troubled look. It was whispered he had failed in some way and had left the seminary.

When tackled about it, all he would say was he had ” A Deep and Abiding Love For the Church” but found much of what was demanded of him was too much to bear.

My father was not at all keen on any renewed contact with the older boy. I put that down to Protestant prejudices.

The Midlands Prepares To Assassinate The Pope

For years I did not understand. He went on to become first an actor and then a teacher at a northern drama college. When our paths crossed at a funeral years later the penny-dropped and I realised that standing with me was a full-on Luvvie Queen as bent as a Bishop’s staff.

He no longer had that love we had talked of as children and instead there was a hatred of what his experiences had made of him. He was an early HIV and then Aids victim; still alive, still haunted and still a matter of shame for the Church he once loved so much.

An apology would not be enough or accepted.


Devil In Vatican After Tour Of Pope’s German Retreat With H

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