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In Pictures: Jesse James Woman Number 4 Let’s Tattoos Do The Talking

by | 29th, March 2010

WE won’t get to meet Jesse James alleged mistress number four because the woman who took the Vanilla Gorilla isn’t going to sell her story. And, no, she’s not going to give it away, nor will she act it out in mime on a Las Vegas street corner nor explain all by way of a tattoo on her face.

(Image: Jesse James’ hand tat.)

Tattoos – The Tramp Stamp

Having hired the ubiquitous Gloria Allred to represent her, Number 4 is staying quiet. You may suppose that this leaves number 4 out of pocket. She hires a lawyer and then doesn’t make any money to balance the books.

Either Allred is working pro bona [sic], the woman is famous and has paid of James and anyone else who can identify her to keep the story buried or, well, James has paid her or else she’s waiting to shag Tiger Woods and make it a splashier story…?

Michelle McGee (NSFW)

Allred says that Number 4 has “hundreds of text messages, emails and photos, according to Allred”.

And Allred provided a few clues:

I represent a beautiful model and businesswoman. She had a three-year intimate relationship with Jesse James.”

Why say anything if the woman wants to remain secret? Allred goes on:

“He pursued her and had strong feelings for her. She has proof of their relationship. The relationship JUST RECENTLY ENDED after the scandal broke.”

And now it’s over for us, who are left with the unlovely Melissa Smith, a Posh bird who flogs old clothes online and Michelle McGee a woman who would be useful if she draw a map of down town Reno on her lips…


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