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Peter Doherty Spits Up On Live At Five

by | 2nd, April 2010

LIVE From Studio Five features Pete Doherty in the vicinity of Minnie Stephenson, one of the actual hacks who appear on the show to remind you that Ian Wright rolling his eyes and rocking back and forwards like a demented Weeble is not necessarily hard news. Anyhow, Minnie is “splashed” by Doherty’s beer as the singer promotes the Libertines reunion.

Minnie looks at the wetness and says “it’s so rock and roll”. Well, actually it might not have been splash, more spittle. If so, Minnie should count herself lucky. That spittle is worth a few quid on open market. A quick lick of her blouse and she’ll be rocking and rolling like that poor sod who sits in the doorway of your local Londis.

Back in the Studio, Wright says: “I hate that geezer.” Rocky on, Wrighty!

Live From Studio Five: Shooting The Messenger And Boiling The Viewing


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Musicians Carl Barat (right) and Pete Doherty arrive at Boogaloo in London, where they will formally announce that The Libertines are reforming.

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