Anorak News | Trenton Child Sold For Gang Rape Given Stuffed Easter Bunny

Trenton Child Sold For Gang Rape Given Stuffed Easter Bunny

by | 4th, April 2010

A SEVEN-year-old child gang-raped after being sold for sex by her 15-year-old sister…who had also just been raped… was given a stuffed Easter bunny by a USA city’s Mayor and told her family would be rehoused

It is not clear if the Mayor’s up for re-election but there may be those who may feel disqualification from office for life should be the result of the press conference at Trenton, New Jersey last night where

Mayor Douglas H. Palmer, above, said:

“Good people came forward to try and get justice for this seven-year-old angel, who was brutally gang-raped by paedophile animals. Everyone that was responsible is still not arrested. Police won’t rest until we get every one.”

Mayor Palmer should first look very close to home. Both girls were already known to be a risk to social workers, according to the Mayor.

The seven-year-old girl told the police she knew the party was trouble, but she went because she wanted to protect her sister, the quick to grab a political opportunity Mayor Palmer added.

No mention of a chocolate bunny version in The New York Times story. There have been six arrests so far.

The girls had been reported missing to the Trenton police at the time.

Mayor Palmer said the seven-year-old met him at his office on Thursday, and he gave her a stuffed Easter bunny. But the family will soon be moved out of the area, he said, because “she will be stigmatized”.

Mr. Palmer said the girl told him:

“Everybody’s staring at me. They know it’s me.”

It is doubtful the Mayor’s press conference has helped secure any further anonymity for the victim.

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