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At Home In Barbados With Kai Wayne Rooney And Traditional Wag Coleen

by | 6th, April 2010

WE’VE peeped inside Kai Wayne Rooney’s nursery. Now we get to see inside his new home in Barbados.

Coleen Rooney “invites us into her and Wayne’s lifestyle”. Well, not quite. Coleen Rooney actually only invites us to look at her things.

Kai Wayne Rooney, Birth Of A Brand

She wants to show us the villa she’s had built in Barbados. This, we learn, is “another string to her bow”. (The bow is Louboutin for William Tell, the arrows are Swarovski and the feathers made from cash.)

To the Royal Westmoreland estate, where Coleen is showing us around her six bedroom holiday home, with infinity swimming pool, guest cottage and “healthy–looking, post-baby figure”.

Coleen says she wants “Kai to stay true to his roots”. And with this much opulence, that should be easy. Coleen than comes down the “sweeping statement staircase” dressed as if she’s about to perform a native American eagle dance.

The home is “decorated in the traditional style of many of the houses in Barbados”. There are plasma screens, Marilyn Monroe prints, at least five sofas and the custom of wearing a different outfit in every room. When abroad the Englishman’s lot is to blend in seamlessly.

Then Coleen says she is amazed at all the media fuss over Kai. That’s Kai who was born after a 40-minute labour with pale skin and who loves water.

Hello! says she’s looking “remarkably relaxed for a new mother”. And then Coleen says, “People often come up and say, ‘You’re just so normal’.”

And then the invitation is over and we’re shown the door, traditionally…

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