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Cameron Douglas: Michael Douglas, Crystal Meth, Zeta Jones And A Wild Ocelot

by | 9th, April 2010

THE image is of Michael Douglas, his first wife Deandra De Morrell Douglas, and their only child Cameron.

You’ve probably been reading about Cameron a lot in the last few months…  since his arrest on charges of trying to traffic crystal meth from California to New York.

His girlfriend was later busted for trying to smuggle drugs to him while he was under house arrest at his mother’s $5.5 million dollar digs on New York’s upper east side.  That’s the price she paid for the place five years ago.

Today it’s probably worth twice that.

So Cameron’s due for sentencing next week, and could face up to ten years in prison.

But his lawyer has submitted to the judge a number of written pleas from friends & famous family members who’re asking for leniency for this son and grandson of mega-famous, mega-wealthy Hollywood legends.

Among them, a letter from Cameron’s grandfather, Kirk, and a handwritten missive from stepmom Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The letters run the gamut from cold & sterile requests to spare this son of film royalty a lengthy sentence – to gut-wrenching stories of a poor little rich boy with a mostly absent father, and a mother, allegedly, more concerned with showing up in the society columns than at parent-teacher conferences.

Among the letters is one from a childhood friend who said the person in the Douglas household who was closest to Cameron… was a bodyguard named Joaquin.

But there’s one letter that seems to offer much insight into where Diandra placed Cameron on her list of priorities.  It was written by someone described as a “friend” of Diandra’s.  Here’s an excerpt:

After her divorce from Douglas, by the way, Diandra dated a wealthy Wall Streeter for several years.  When he proposed marriage, she refused — unless he’d agree to pony up the dough she’d be giving up in alimony payments from her ex, reportedly. What a sweetheart.

The New York Post has a PDF of Cameron Douglas’ attorney’s submission to the court – including the letters of support for the confessed drug addict – posted on its website.

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