Anorak News | Peter Andre And Katie Price And The Case Of Princess Tiaamii’s Black Eye

Peter Andre And Katie Price And The Case Of Princess Tiaamii’s Black Eye

by | 11th, April 2010

WHAT news of Peter Andre and Katie Price, aka, the Pop Acorn and Jordon? Well, the NoTW says TV’s leading professional dry humpers had a row about Princess TenaLadyMeeee’sblack eye“.

Alex Reid Naked (NSFW)

But having called in the police and the legal, the shiner turned out to be “smudged MASCARA”.


As Katie undergoes ITV to be inpregnated with Alex Reid’s swimming Toffee Crispies, all eyes on one of the existing Katie Price support acts, Young Lucille Ball top Junior Pete’s Denis Arnez Princess TeepPee.

Peter spots “bruising” on the little girl’s face. He, as reported, tells his lawyers. Katie tells the police. The Celebrity Police Force (CPF), never ones to pass up a chance to meet a celeb, meet Pete.

Katie Price’s Career As Jordan (NSFW)

A Sussex CPF spokesman:

“We have no concerns for the child’s welfare, and the matter has been closed.”

But still all eyes are on Princess TeenyMeenies’ eyes. Will she be the first to blink? Can she blink or has the glue from her false lashes sealed her lids? Don’t dare to look away…

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Model Jordan body painted as the Ice Maiden, poses for the media during a photocall in London's Covent Garden today December 6, 1998, where she launched the Swatch Christmas watch Sparkling Life, priced at 55. PA Photos.

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