Anorak News | Bullying Teen Suicide Robyn Nixon To Fit Mail’s Anti-Facebook News Agenda

Bullying Teen Suicide Robyn Nixon To Fit Mail’s Anti-Facebook News Agenda

by | 13th, April 2010

ROBYN Nixon has died. She was 15. She jumped to her death from the top of a building in Weymouth, Dorset. She is mentioned on a Facebook site. And this means the Mail can put the two things together and create a story to comply with an agenda.

It is not yet known why Robyn jumped but devastated friends speculated on a Facebook tribute site that she had been the victim of bullying.

Not know? Get a load of the anodyn headline:
Schoolgirl, 15, plunges to her death ‘after being bullied’

Says reader Bat E Bird:

Tragic but was she bullied? Why does bullying have to be mentioned in any sad story like this these days? Is bullying trendy all of a sudden? How do they know it wasn’t for another reason?

The first comment I read under the article was:

“This angers me! She did not jump because she was bullied! Robyn was in my tutor group at school, she was always happy, always smiling. But she did not get bullied! This has angered and upset me and my school friends! I seriously do not know where you got the ‘bullying reason’ from, but it is not true. i Suggest if you’re going to publish this kind of stuff, you at least get your facts right! We’ve lost an amazing girl, and i imagine her family are going through hell right now, you don’t need to post this on the papers, especially with the wrong reasons!

RIP. Unless the papers want to use you…

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