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At Home With Nicola Roberts And Charlie Fennell

by | 13th, April 2010

NICOLA Roberts, of Girls Aloud, would like to show you her “luxury penthouse”. She’d also like to show us Charlie Fennell (like the vegetable), her lover with a “big personality”.

They share love and red velvet dining chairs “encrusted” with Swarovski hearts. Charlie sells “customised jet skis”. Nicola and Charlie live in Surrey.

Nicola then gets into a wooden cupboard and shows us her shoes.

Nicola says she’s not spoken with Nadine Coyle since September. But she and the rest of Girls Aloud all get on really well. Charlie says he likes to hang his shirts by colour and has boxes for different colour socks.

And all the while Nicola poses with her mouth shut and looking understandably bored…

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