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Nick Clegg Mania: With Media Expert Of The Day Paul Begala

by | 18th, April 2010

NO word on LibDem leader Nick Clegg on the covers of the NoTW, Sunday Express, Star on Sunday or Sunday Telegraph, but on the all other papers we’re going mad for Clegg. But what says the expert? Today we hear from the Daily Beast’s man in the know, Paul Begala…

“…a CNN political contributor and a research professor at Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute. He was a senior strategist for the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign and served as counselor to President Clinton in the White House.”

What says the expert:

Debates are not fair fights. Expectations shape the result. By that standard Prime Minister Gordon Brown won a solid victory. Few British political observers thought he could stand next to the handsome young Conservative Party leader David Cameron and come away looking good. But he did. By exceeding expectations, Brown pulled off an upset.

Get a load of that fall out from the show. Brown might be in third place in three-horse race but he’s the winner. More election experts every day…

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