Anorak News | In Pictures: Brian McFadden ‘Kills’ ‘Pig Faced Mole’ Kerry Katona

In Pictures: Brian McFadden ‘Kills’ ‘Pig Faced Mole’ Kerry Katona

by | 18th, April 2010

THE 12-step plan to make Kerry Katona a likeable personality, follows her estrangement from husband Mark Croft, confessions of cocaine addiction and a non-romance with Peter Andre, to move on to her being a victim of Brian McFadden. As the NoTW reports:

ANGRY Kerry Katona speaks out today for the first time about her six-year war with ex-hubby Brian McFadden.

Brian McPadding, the former Westlife singer who gave Kerry two kidzz, Molly and Lily-Sue, and made her one part of the couple known as Karion?

In part two of her explosive News of the World interview she tells of her AGONY when he cheated on his stag night and her DEVASTATION when he dumped her for Aussie singer Delta Goodrem.

That was the same Goodrem of whom the Mirror reported in 2003:

A source tells the paper that the former Neighbours star saw the trip to South Africa as a fun holiday and not as the start of a relationship. ”They don’t have a future as a couple,” the source says.

The papers never get it wrong. Goodrem and McPadding are now engaged.

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THIS PICTURE IS FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY : Singer Kerry McFadden , of the girl band Atomic Kitten, performing on stage at the Disney Channel Kids Awards 2000, at the London Docklands Arena. * 10/1/2001: McFadden and Atomic Kitten's Kerry Katona are expecting a baby. The baby is due on September 5 the day before Kerry's 21st birthday. The pop star pair secretly got engaged last year but kept the news under wraps until a few weeks ago for fear of upsetting Westlife's millions of young fans. 18/1/2001: Kerry Katona, who is pregnant and will leave girl group Atomic Kitten for the health of her unborn child, her record company said. She is to be replaced by blonde Jenny Frost who was seen earlier this year among a party holidaying with the Duke of York in Thailand. Kerry, 20, is said to be leaving the band early in order to rest from the hectic schedule and prepare for the birth of her baby in September. 06/03/02 The former Atomic Kitten star turned TV presenter beat rivals including Victoria Beckham to the title of Celebrity Mum of the Year. Katona, who is married to Westlife's Bryan McFadden and mother to six-month-old Molly, got more than twice as many votes as Posh Spice in the online poll by toy firm The Blue Foot Bear Company.

In the NoTW, Katona recalls how McPadding cheated on her on his Stag do with a lap dancer caleld Amy Barker:

That killed it for me. I loved Brian and I trusted him. I remember thinking: ‘But he’s the fat one from Westlife. Why would he do this to me?'”

Kerry is a victim. Or as she told us, according to this site:

“I know for a fact they did not have sex. It is a pack of lies. I know he loves me and me only,” Kerry insisted. “He would never look at anyone else. We knew stories like this would get in the papers. I just think the lapdancer is sick. It could have wrecked our marriage if I had believed it – but I don’t.” After grasping her massive FF breasts, Kerry added, “Why would he want to go anywhere else?”

As he said:

“The whole thing about the court case was that I was not denying that I knew her, because everyone knows that it did happen, but then she said that I’d taken cocaine.”

But they got married – for love. As he said:

“It wasn’t a real wedding. We were getting married to have a big party and get loads of money for it – and to appear showbiz. The day my marriage ended was on the stag night. That was the time I felt, this is not supposed to be.”

And she’s just like you – short and dumpy:

“I remember thanking God I’d dressed up because this vision with a perfect figure, white shiny teeth, and a beautiful complexion was next to him. She was about a foot taller than me and I felt like a piece of rubbish. I was so nervous all I said was: ‘Hiya Love, are you all right?’ This to the woman who had taken my husband.”

What. A, Trooper. This is folksy Kerry Katona – Woman of Substance. She then goes on to attack McPadding’s parenting skills. And – yep – this is Katona who snorted cocaine with the kids downstairs.

He phones the girls about five times a year – but Lilly doesn’t really know who he is. I’ve never told them what really happened.”

Well, Lily can now read, perhaps. And McPadding wants the kids. So, the secret is out. And dad is on Twitter. McFadden Tweeted:

“A certain pig faced mole has suggested my own daughter Lilly doesn’t know me and I never talk to my kids.”

Later adding:

“Wish certain f***s would stop selling there (sic) stories to rags and get a real job…”


“Kerry Katona, you are dead to me!”

Thanks, Brian. He’s just delivered the next step in Kerry’s salvation…

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