Anorak News | Eyjafjallajokull Pictures: BA Plane In Ash Horror, Peter Andre Stranded And Nazis

Eyjafjallajokull Pictures: BA Plane In Ash Horror, Peter Andre Stranded And Nazis

by | 21st, April 2010

NO lives lost in the Eyjafjallajokull volcano drama. But there might have been. First a celebrity volcano update as we learn in the Sun that Simon Cowell’s mum Julie has been forced by the globally warmed explosion to remain in LA for few extra days.

Also, amid the press releases on what the volcano means to them, one saying that Wynne Evans, singer of the Go Compare telly advert, has been left stranded in South Africa and forced to cancel a concert in Bristol. (Wynn is available to sing about your website, new trainers and visits to the loo via his agent.) Peter Andre is stranded in Dubai.

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Now for the near-death drama as the Star leads with:


A British Airways jumbo “hit a cloud of volcanic ash at 37,000 feet”. In 1982. It’s part of a TV reconstruction of a BA flight which didn’t cash 28 years ago. But it might of.

The Mail says 120,000 Britons have been “ABANDONED TO THEIR FATE”. How long before a foreigner eats one of us?

In other Volcano & I news, the Sun says it’s “fleet” (3 pictured) of coaches brought home more than 300 “Sun readers”. Did it only allow Sun readers on, and if so in what way is that the “Dunkirt spirit” it boasts of.

Also the paper manages to work in some electioneering. Holidaymaker Chloe Watkins says:

“God bless the Sun. Gordon Brown sends a warship and rescues fewer than you have.”

Unless you read the Star, where HMS Albion is bringing 300 intrepid sun-seekers home from Santander, Spain. And one of the rescued is the Star’s Gemma Wheatley, who was stranded in Egypt and “desperate” to get home.

The Mirror counts the rescued as 310.

This means that the Government wins! Eyjafjallajokull, the volcano triggered by global warming, was our darkest hour. Literally (had the ash arrived over Britain in a feldgrau carpet)…

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